Build Dates: July 11th & 12th

Family Information:


Father- Cesar Daniel

  • Age: 32

  • Profession: Ranch Hand

  • Monthly Salary: $275 (Working 8 am to 5 pm Mon-Fri; and 8 am -1 pm Sat)

Mother- Elizabeth

  • Age: 34

  • Profession: Cleaning Apartments

  • Monthly Salary: $155 (Working 8am to 2pm Mon, Wed, Fri)


  • Matias, 6 months (Born prematurely and spent 1 1/2 months in NICU)

  • Daniel Armando, 1 yr 8 months (has a benign tumor and is being treated in San Diego)

  • Angel Adrian, 13 yrs, Jr High

Property Information:

Colonia- Puesta del Sol
Property is Paid Off; haven’t been able to build and live there due to medical expenses

Family Story:

Elizabeth was born in Oaxaca, but came with her family to Ensenada when she was 8 years old. She met Pedro, her first husband, in high school and they dated for 2 years before Elizabeth got pregnant with their oldest son Angel. Because of the pregnancy, Elizabeth was unable to complete her high school studies and never graduated. They lived with Pedro’s mother for awhile, but Pedro started using drugs when Daniel Armando was about 3 years old. For that reason, Elizabeth and Angel left and moved in with Elizabeth’s mom. Elizabeth was working and taking care of her son alone. Because she was living with her mom, she was able to save money and buy land, which she paid off in 2011. A friend of Elizabeth introduced her to Cesar Daniel and they began dating. They later moved in together and started renting a house in the colonia MonteMar. Shortly after moving in together, Elizabeth got pregnant with Daniel Armando. Throughout the pregnancy, everything was going well until they detected a tumor. The doctor suggested that Elizabeth have an abortion, but Elizabeth did not want for that to happen. She was sent to see a specialist in Guadalajara and the baby was diagnosed with having a lymphangioma, or malformation of the lymphatic system. It was later that Elizabeth heard about the organization in San Diego called Fresh Start. Last year, Daniel started his treatments at the Rady children’s hospital in San Diego with the help of Fresh Start. He will need surgeries, but they do not know what or when or how long it will take. Matias was a surprise and not planned. Elizabeth changed her birth control and got pregnant when Daniel Armando was 8 months old. Elizabeth went to a prenatal check-up about 6 weeks before Matias’ due date and they did not let her go home. Matias was born and was kept in the NICU for months. Matias has since suffered with his health, he is sensitive to bacteria and has issues with his lungs. Elizabeth has fought hard for her children to have good lives; she wants to protect them and make things better for them. Even so, she has not been able to build a home for them, especially not with all the medical bills they have had the last 2 years. Where they currently live, they do not have a proper floor, and all the humidity inside is bad for her children’s health.
In their own words; “We would like our own home so that we can have better living conditions and offer a beautiful home to our children; something they can call their own home. Somewhere the children can play and grow up happy. And of course, to stop paying rent. The house we are renting does not have a normal floor, which means that our son Daniel who is starting to walk cannot walk about freely. Our children get sick often for the humidity inside. It has been difficult for us to do anything better for them and build on our land. We work hard for our children and believe they deserve to grow up in a beautiful place.”