Build Dates: July 15th & 16th

Family Information:


Mother- Reyna

  • Age: 46

  • Profession: N/A

  • Monthly Salary: Receives approx. $30 a month


  • Oliver, 8 yrs, 2nd Grade

  • Andres, 12 yrs, 6th Grade (Takes guitar lessons Sunday afternoons at church)

Property Information:

Colonia- Canon Buenavista/ El Zorrillo
Time with property- 8 months
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No

Family Story:

Reyna was born in Pachuca and went to the United States about 12 years years ago. At the time, her son Andres was just one. Reyna went to the US looking for the father of Andres and found him. While living in the US, she gave birth to Oliver. During this time, Reyna got sick; she had fainting spells and found it difficult to walk. After Oliver was born, her children’s father left them and wanted nothing more to do with them, so she returned to Mexico with the boys. Soon after she started getting headaches and had blurry vision. Reyna saw many doctors but all they told her was that they couldn’t do anything with her right eye and she would soon lose her sight and she did. They told her that they could perform a surgery on her left eye and try to save it. For Reyna this has been very difficult for her. She lives off of the donations from other people. Some pastors help her out with food, and another missionary helps her as well by giving 600 pesos to her each month (about $30 USD). The land was donated to her by a man after he saw the conditions she was living in. She has not been able to see the faces of her children since Oliver was 3 and Andres 9. Reyna has no money, cannot see and is alone with her two children.