Build Dates: September 28-29

Family Information:


Father - Jorge Humberto

  • Age: 30

  • Profession: Merchant

  • Monthly Salary: $444 approx.

Mother - Erika

  • Age: 36

  • Profession:

  • Monthly Salary:


  • Roman Alexis , 7yrs, 2nd Grade

  • Luna Maribel , 10 yrs, 5th Grade

  • Kilian Roman , 14 yrs, 9th Grade

Property Information:

Colonia - Santo Domingo
Time with property - 3 Months
Electricity - N/A
Running Water - N/A
Structure - N/A

Family Story:

Erika is from Ensenada. When she was 22 years old she started living together with the father of their 3 children. They ended up separating because she realized he was stealing her stuff and selling them to get money for drugs. Later on, she met Jorge Humberto from church. They started living together and he stepped up to help her in taking care of her children. He has been a good father for the children and the children love him a lot. With Jorge’s savings he bought a piece of land that they all now live on in a small RV; an RV in which they barely fit. Jorge works on buying broken objects, fixing them, and reselling them. Erika stays at home and takes care of the children. One day they hope to have a house big enough in which they can all fit.