Build Dates: September 28-29

Family Information:

Father - Josue

  • Age: 42

  • Profession: Fixes Washing Machines

  • Monthly Salary: $88 approx.

Mother - Lucia

  • Age: 35

  • Profession:

  • Monthly Salary:


  • Alejandro, 18 yrs

  • Valeria, 11 yrs

  • Irlanda, 6 yrs

Property Information:

Colonia - Todos Santos
Time with property - 1 Month
Electricity - No
Running Water - No
Structure - Lots of mud when it rains

Family Story:

She came to Ensenada in 2009, and she moved to Todos Santos 5 years ago. She started cooking at her home because her capacity and she met her husband at her church. They began living together in 2014 at her property. She took care of her kids at home. She loves to cook and she makes food for her neighbors. Her husband is from Maneadero and he worked at a camp but now he works by fixing washing machines as a maintenance job. She brings food to her church and they go to a Korean church nearby.

She got in a car wreck and hurt her whole arm and her leg and foot. Her left hand can’t move very well anymore and it’s possible she’s missing a toe. She can’t work most jobs for this reason, after being in a wheel chair for a year.

Her daughter has attention defect. She takes medicine for it because she would be crazy hyper if she didn’t.