Build Dates: October 22nd & 23rd

Family Information:


Father- Cruz

  • Age: 38

  • Profession: Car Wash

  • Monthly Salary: $330, but it varies

Mother- Gabriela

  • Age: 34

  • Profession: Homemaker

  • Weekly Salary: N/A


  • Ilayalit, 15 yrs, High School

  • Abdia Roman, 17 yrs, High School

  • Madelin Jazmin, 14 yrs, 6th Grade

  • Wilmer, 10 yrs, 3rd Grade

  • Itzia Crystel, 8 yrs, 1st Grade

  • Ixcoatl Ezau, 6 yrs

  • Erasmo Kaleb, 4 yrs

  • Gabriela, 2 yrs

  • Yenatlesi, 2 yrs

  • 10th baby due September

Property Information:

Colonia- Tinajitas
Time with property- 2+ years  
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Scrap Materials

Family Story:

Gabriela and Cruz met in Aguascaliente. Back then, Cruz was in the military and invited Gabriela to a dance. It was after that, that they moved in together and formed a family. After 7 years together they got married. They lived with Cruz’ mother for a couple months, then with Gabriela’s mother for a year, and then to a rental where they had their oldest daughter. Cruz had a sister that lived in Ensenada and she invited them to move here and they did. They moved to Ensenada and lived with Cruz’ sister until Gabriela found them a piece of land they could afford payments for. They were given the land but realized that they needed a piece of land that was flat and easy to access because their oldest daughter had health problems and suffered from seizures. It was very difficult and could be dangerous for them. So Gabriela asked if they could change their land and the owner said yes, but that they needed to pay more money for that lot. Once they got their land sorted, Cruz built a room with 4 wooden walls that they bought pre-assembled. Their daughter Damaris suffers from seizures because she was beat up by cousins at the age of 12. Gabriela couldn’t report the incident because they were all minors. The internal damage caused by the punches left her with About a year ago, their oldest daughter passed away from complications due to her seizures, and bronchial aspiration. Damaris left behind a 2 yr old daughter who Gabriela and Cruz have adopted as their own. This last year has been very difficult for the family as they’ve had to deal with the passing of a child/sister/mother. Cruz works washing cars outside a bank or different shops. Their oldest son sometimes goes and helps his dad. Gabriela does not work as she is expecting their 10th child in September.

In a letter, the family wrote:
We are asking for help so that our children can live a life more worth of them, since life has not given us the opportunity to offer them a decent home. I give thanks to God for putting 2 great people with great hearts on our path, Anna Thorson Mayer and her father. We give them thanks because they are teaching us how to walk the path of good and inviting us into the house of God. Thanks to them our lives are changed, and our children are happy because they are fulfilling a dream that we ourselves were not able to fulfill for our children. That dream is going to school and to have their school uniforms. For this and so much more, thank you. Thank you to everyone who supports us, because God knows we need the help. Life is hard with so many small children. THANK YOU