Build Dates: May 2-3, 2015 


Family Information:

Mother- Sonia        

  • Age 26
  • Profession: Waitress 
  • Weekly Salary: $60 


  • Kevin, age 10
  • Emily, age 3


Property Information:

Colonia -  Fracc. Costa Rica    

Time with property - 5 years


Letter from the Family:

Hello my name is Sonia.

I'm writing to give you  a bit of insight into our life and why we've asked for your help. I'm a single mom and  live with my two kids Kevin and Emily. We've been living in a trailer for a few years on our land. The trailer isn't ours, the owners only lent it to us for a while but they're selling it now.

My kids and I don't have anywhere else to go. I work as a waitress so I don't always have a constant income to take care of my kids. I work and do what I can to keep going and show them they're loved.

I'm also writing this letter to thank you all for helping others, I think it's beautiful that you're coming to help others live better lives. With this house my son will be able to continue studying in school and we will live with a bigger hope, that God does provide for us.


God bless.