Build Dates: April 24-25, 2015 


Family Information:

Father- Rosario  

  • Age: 33
  • Profession: Artisan 
  • Weekly Salary: $90

Mother- Maria del Carmen         

  • Age 28
  • Profession: Stay at home mom  


  • Briana Ana Lidia, age 11
  • Fatima Natali, age 10
  • Martin David, age 6
  • Annie Yanori, age 4
  • Mia Nicole, age 1
  • Hanks Shayin, 8 months 


Property Information:

Colonia -  Vista Marina    

Time with property - 4 months


Letter from the Family: 

Hello my name is Maria del Carmen Garcia Cervantes.

My wish is a better home for my kids. We don't have the resources to make something bigger than where we are living. Right now my husband, six kids, and I are all living in one room that we built. My oldest daughter is mentally disabled and cannot speak, and a few years ago she had a few surgeries on her stomach. She is supposed to have a very specific diet to stay healthy but because of our lack of finances we give her whatever we can when we have food. 

It's a dream come true that you're coming to build us a better life for our family. We've kept up with our payments and we're a happy family but we truly need this house. The eight of us live in one room and when it rains all the water comes in and we don't have a floor, it's just dirt. 

God bless you all. This is truly a huge blessing for our family. We truly need it.