Building Dates: August 8-9, 2015 

Family Information:

Father- Victor Omar 

  • Age 33 
  • Profession: Calimax 
  • Weekly Salary: $40

Mother- Anabel              

  • Age 30
  • Profession: Dry Cleaning    
  • Weekly Salary: $25


  • Abel Omar, age 14
  • Jesus Efren, age 11
  • Victor Eduardo, age 6

Property Information:

Colonia - La Bonita        

Time with property - 11 years 

Letter From the Family:



We've asked for your help because we only have two rooms where we are currently living. My husband and I use one room and the other room is used as a kitchen and it's also where my three kids sleep. The smoke from cooking is really uncomfortable and unhealthy for them to smell, and I feel bad that they don't have any space to themselves. All of their clothes and blankets smell like food but we don't have another place for them or to cook. We have a twin bed and a couch that we slide together at night for them to sleep on.

My husband works in a grocery store called Calimax and he earns barely enough to pay for our food. I work so that we have funds for our kids to go to school.

We hope to be able to provide better lives for our kids. With your help, we'll be able to give our kids better food and clothing, and a better education.

Thank you very much.