Building Dates: September 5-6, 2015 

Family Information:

Mother- Isabel Cristina               

  • Age 47
  • Profession: Seamstress  
  • Weekly Salary: $40


  • Karina, age 5 
  • Alberto, age 23
  • Jorge, age 23

Property Information:

Colonia - La Joya         

Time with property - 2 years 

Letter From the Family:

Hello, my name is Isabel Cristina and I've applied for a home because my family is simply not making ends meet with the resources that we have. I was out of work for a time and didn't have any way of paying my land. Thanks to my son, we were able to stay here because he went to work. Now I'm working for three days of the week as a seamstress. I'm a single mom, my husband went to prison and died a few years later. I didn't want to stay with him because it wasn't what was best for my kids. 

Right now we're living all in one room. We have two beds, my daughter and I sleep in one and my older son sleeps in the other. The son that works doesn't live here with us because he delivers orders for the store smart and final and has to work the night shifts. He, thankfully, helps me out with things like food so that the rest of us can continue on. I've asked for your help because we can't make a better life for ourselves on our own. Thank you for choosing our family, we are extremely excited