Family Information:

Father- Pedro 

  • Age 27
  • Profession: Walking Vendor (Corn)  
  • Weekly Salary: $25

Mother- Diana               

  • Age 27
  • Profession: Stay at Home Mom  
  • Weekly Salary: -


  • Aldo Alexander, age 4
  • Geraldi, age 1

Property Information:

Colonia - Ames        

Time with property - 3 months 

Letter From the Family:

I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Pedro Garcia Macedas

 I'm writing this letter to Homes of Hope and your team hoping that you're all healthy. My family would like to ask you for your help in building us a home. I work selling corn treats out of my walking cart. We've been going through a hard season and not making much as you can probably see in my salary. I don't have a consistent salary which makes it hard for my family to run. That's why I haven't been able to build a house. 

My first son is about to go into kindergarten and with what I'm making, we've been doing the best we possibly can to pay for our land. We'd be so overwhelmingly thankful if you all would help us, and more than anything, we would be thankful for our kids so that they can have a better life.

We've been living with my brother who has been kind enough to lend us a little room to live in. May God bless you all abundantly, and thank you for taking your time and resources to get to know and change our situation.

- Garcia Cortes Family