Build Dates: July 5-6, 2015

Family Information:

Father- Cristino 

  • Age 51
  • Profession: Machine Assembly  
  • Weekly Salary: $85


  • Cristian, age 10 (cronic tonsilitis) 

Property Information:

Colonia - Lomas de Montecarlo        

Time with property -  10 years 

Letter From the Family:

I'm writing this letter to ask you for help in building my son and I a home. We are living in a little trailer that doesn't keep any water out when it rains. My son Cristian often gets sick with bronquitis due to the wetness and dust in our trailer, and for the same reason, he struggles with chronic tonsilitis.

I'd love for my son to have his own room, it's his dream. I work in a factory and I don't make very much. I wish I could work another job for my son but I'm worried that if I have an accident, I won't be able to be there for him. My dream is that my son's dream becomes a reality. That's why I've come to ask for your help, because I can't do it on my own. I congrautlate you in the amazing work that you do in helping families.

I pray that God gives you long life and good health so that you may continue blessing more families. -Cristino