Build Dates: July 18-19, 2015

Family Information:

Mother- Luz              

  • Age 40
  • Profession: Machine Assembly    
  • Weekly Salary: $15


  • Aldair, age 17
  • Angel, age 13
  • Valeria, age 8 

Property Information:

Colonia - Castillo        

Time with property - 10 months 

Letter From the Family:

Hello, I've asked for your help in building us a home on behalf of my family.

I'm currently paying for our land, rent, for my kid's education, I work in a machine assembly plant. My son also works their and makes about $7.50 dollars a week. He can only work part time because he's still studying. Its stressful for me sometimes, I recently recovered from being facially paralyzed and a small heart attack due to stress.

If you all could help my family I would be more than grateful. It's been one of my biggest dreams to have a home that I can call my own and that desire has only grown since becoming a mother. We thank you for your help. -Luz