Build Dates: July 18-19 2015

Family Information:

Mother- Lilia               

  • Age 45
  • Profession: Factory   
  • Weekly Salary: $60 


  • Janeth, age 18
  • Perla Monserrath, age 13
  • David Daniel, age 4
  • Brisa Alejandra, age 14 

Property Information:

Colonia - Castillo        

Time with property - 7 months  

Letter From the Family:

Good day, vía this letter my family and I would like you to know why we've asked for your help. We don't have our own home, and we haven't been able to work or come up with enough resources to build ourselves a suficient home. For this reason we have been renting. We've been sleeping and living all together in the same room. May God Bless you all. - Lilia