Building Dates: April 22-23, 2016

Family Information:

Father- Juan Manuel

  • Age: 34
  • Profession: Construction Worker
  • Weekly Salary: $66

Mother- Maria Mirella

  • Age: 28
  • Profession: Stay At Home Mom
  • Weekly Salary: n/a



  • Carlos Daniel, age 15
  • Ian Ixel, age 10
  • Sarai Sandra, age 5
  • Ruth Dayana, age 9 months

Property Information:  

Time with property - 14 years

Letter From the Family: 

Good morning! For my children and I, I would like to ask you for the support of the construction of a house. I don't have the necessary resources to be able to build a house. Also, I have 3 daughter and 1 son of 14 who wants his own space and I can't build him that. Also, there isn't enough room to mention the rains and the cold that come into the room we live in. And my daughter of 9 months has gotten sick many times.

Thank you!