Building Dates: April 22-23, 2016

Family Information:

Father- Rosalino

  • Age: 37
  • Profession: Construction worker
  • Weekly Salary: $66

Mother- Elsa

  • Age: 28
  • Profession: Stay At Home Mom
  • Weekly Salary: n/a



  • Erik, age 11
  • Cristian, age 5
  • Gustavo, age 4

Property Information:  

Time with property - 6 months

Letter From the Family: 

I, Elsa Torres Nazario, want to send a cordial greeting to you and hope you are well! May God bless you all. 

Through this letter, I would like to ask for your help with a house. I have 3 kids. Eric is 11 years old and deaf, so he cannot speak but he is very smart. And God knows his purpose. He went to a specialized school, but due to economic issues, we had to take him out. We had to spend a lot of money on public transport, we took 4 buses everyday. And with my husband's job, there are week where he will work all work and there will be weeks where only half the week he will have work. My second son is Cristian, he can hear and goes to school. My other son is Gustavo, he cannot hear either. But we haven't had the money to able to take him to get the study done. The tests cost about $3,000 pesos. 

I take care of my kids and that is why I don't work. So, we are not able to build a bigger house. Where we are living it is very small and it is just one room and doesn't have a floor. That is why I am asking God for his help.

I hope you have understood my words! May God bless you all and thank you for helping people who really need it.