Building Dates: May 28-29, 2016

Family Information:

Father- Sergio

Age: 38
Profession: Baker
Weekly Salary: $80

Mother- Anjelica Maria

Age: 41
Profession: Stay at Home Mom
Weekly Salary: n/a


Esteben Maximilliano- age 3
Estefania- age 1

Property Information:

Time with property - 2 months

Letter From the Family:

I was obligated to return home, because of bad injuries. I also have a piece of land that still isn’t paid for. It’s my hope to build a safe house for my family. Right now, I am at a big disadvantage and the need to have a worthy home is pressing and urgent. My current salary is not enough to get a better house and my children need safety and a place of refuge from the constantly changing weather.

My wife and I know that everything is temporary, including the moments of anguish and struggle, and we believe that it’s necessary to grow and strengthen our faith in Christ. We know that He loves us and has never abandoned us, that He’s always there waiting for us, and that we should be faithful and persevere, trusting the gospel. My family and I are faithful to keep the commandments and for this, we hope to be blessed.

Thank you for helping us and for volunteering your service with love. We express our gratitude for your time and your effort, we know that it’s a big sacrifice of your time, and it’s much more than a favor for your neighbor. We love you and we wait with anticipation for your help.

Barranon Ramirez Family