Building Dates: May 28-29, 2016

Family Information:

Father- Marco Antonio

Age: 54
Profession: Unemployed (skilled mechanic)
Weekly Salary: -

Mother- Justina

Age: 44
Profession: Gas station attendant
Weekly Salary: $70


Marco Antonio- age 5
Brenda Karina- age 21

Property Information:

Time with property - 16 years

Letter From the Family:

I, Justina Morgan Lucero, will tell you a little about my situation and why I have such a great need for a house. We have not been doing very well economically. We built a small room that hasn’t been finished, without a good roof. Since 2009, we’ve had leaks from every side and we’ve also been dealing with the severe weather for the past 7yrs. We are battling a lot here. My son was born here, and at the moment, it’s very difficult without work and so many needs. I was having someone make me a firm floor because we had only dirt, but we didn’t have enough money for the material or to make a good roof. Before we lived on our current property we rented for 6yrs and we had to come here with what we had, and now we don’t have enough to rent.

I hope that you can help us; I will be eternally grateful. In truth, I have many needs. My son is going to kindergarten, and my daughter, with lots of sacrifice, is going to University. She and I work, and my husband has become sick and is at home without a job. He takes our son to kindergarten and brings him home to watch him while I look for more work. I need help. Thank you.