Build date: 15 & 16 november 2019


Family Information:

Mother: Anna Torres

Age: 40 years.

Profession: Domestic Service

Salary Weekly: 47.77 dlls.


Karten Cisneros - Age: 15 years.

Susan - Age: 11 Years.

Hector - Age: 9 years.


Letter from the family:

I’m a single mom native from Oaxaca, I have three children. We had to get out from my ex-husband’s house because we had a lot of problems. I tryed to gone to USA but I couldn’t cause I have 2 deportations now and the government told me the consequences, if I would do it, they was going to take out me my children. Now I’m living and working here in Tijuana, but my salary is low and is not enough to give the necessaries to my kids. We live in a little room and when is raining the water comes in everywhere and our clothes and beds get wet. I will really appreciate the help, will be as a such blessing to have your support. God bless you and thank you so much.