Build Date: 8 & 9 november 2019


Family information:

Father: Edgar Lara

Age: 21 years.

Profession: welder

Weekly Salary: 66.77 dlls.

Mother: Abigail Avalos

Age: 24 years.


Edgar Mateo - Age: 2 years.

DomincLara - Age: 3 months.

TIME IN TIJUANA: 20 years.

Letter from the family:

Hello, good evening. We are living in a little room that with a lot of effort have done, some friends gave to us wood to do a room where live but now it’s in so bad conditions, the wood get wet with the rains and damp. Is so sad to see my kids suffering to not have anything to eat and as mother endure hunger to can give them some to eat. I am asking by all my heart with your support to have a house for the future of mi kids. Thank you so much.